Lost in Ponoka cd-hoes

What the press is saying about Ponoka’s latest release ‘Lost in Ponoka’ (+ book by Rick de Gier):

‘A beautiful book, lovely photos and a great CD.’ – DJ Dolf Jansen in popular radio show Spijkers met Koppen

‘Nice book, beautiful music’ – Writer/TV presenter Leo Blokhuis

‘The stories are fine (written in a kind of dirty realism), the photos are lovely and more than just illustrations, and the music, let’s call it americana, is beautiful.’ – Het Parool (national newspaper)

‘Ten of his best songs (…) stories written in a nostalgic but nicely composed style (…) beautiful photos.’ – De Volkskrant (national newspaper)

‘With this versatile project De Gier continues to show his talent: amusing stories, artistic photos and a fine album to boot.’ – Nederlands Dagblad (national newspaper)

‘A light-hearted, melancholy style, reminiscent of David Sedaris (…) A very beautiful document.’ –

‘Lost in Ponoka isn’t a beautiful book with a hastily added soundtrack. It also isn’t a great album with some exaggerated design project. No, this is a full work of art, a world in itself to get lost in.’ –

volkoren-splash.jpgWhat the press said about Ponoka’s previous release ‘Outtakes from the Revival Songbook’ + Rick de Gier’s novel ‘Nineve’:

‘Charming story… beautiful songs.’ **** – De Volkskrant (national newspaper)

‘A genuine combination of music and prose, that is more than the sum of its parts. It’s like you’ve known these songs for years.’ **** – NRC Next (national newspaper)

‘Incredibly catchy indie rock songs.’ – Revolver Magazine

‘A creative, funny, occasionally moving, and thought-provoking debut.’ **** – Nederlands Dagblad (national newspaper)

‘A powerful, addictive album.’ – MusicFrom.NL

‘Smoothly written book… first-rate collection of indie rock songs. Nice work.’ – Rifraf

‘The combination of prose and music works terrifically. (…) Both the book and album are good, but the combination really lends added value.’ – 8Weekly

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