New site! Free stuff! All capital letters!

To celebrate the launch of our new site (it’s in Dutch, but the songs and pictures are fun for everyone!) we’re giving away some free stuff.

So visit our Facebook page, share the post that looks like the one below, and you may be the new owner of some sweet Ponoka souvenirs! And don’t forget to visit the site of course.


Final recording day

We finally had our last recording day in the studio last Saturday. Theo and Rick were joined by Mevrouw Tamara, a singer-songwriter best known for her role in the TV show ‘De beste singer-songwriter van Nederland’. She sang along to a couple tracks from the new album.

Mevrouw Tamara @ Wooden Cup

Now Theo will start mixing, and then the new album, titled ‘Lost in Ponoka’, will be released in September. Yeah, that’s quite a wait, but we’re still working on the accompanying story & picture book. We’ll be releasing some songs and other cool stuff before then, so keep an eye on this site, or our Facebook page.

1200 Pictures

Rick’s sister Marian traveled to Ponoka (the town) to take some pictures for the new Ponoka (the band) project. Or actually she took about 1200. They won’t all make it, but they look really nice!

Meanwhile we’re gradually finishing the album. Almost all the instruments are recorded, just need to add some touches of banjo and pedal steel. Hopefully the package (including lots of other stuff besides a CD) will be yours in a half year or so!

Studio Day 1

Hooray, Theo and Rick will be entering the studio Friday May 4th to start the recordings of Ponoka Album #4. That’s Memorial Day in Holland, but no worries, this is not going to be a depressing record.

Previous Ponoka albums were recorded in a continuous run; this will be more of a ‘a day here, a weekend there’ effort. Which shouldn’t be a problem, as the album will be pretty short and basic. Hopefully finished by the end of the summer.