Album #4

Yes, we’re still alive! Demos for album #4 are aching to be recorded. Rick met up with ex-Ponoka member Pim van de Werken yesterday (who’s done some nice production work in the meantime, with artists like The Medics and Meindert Talma) to try out some new sounds for the album. Pim will probably be playing some banjo and lap steel guitar, to complete the americana / country feel of the record.

Next week the remaining Ponoka members – Rick, Theo and Jon – will meet up to discuss the recording process, which will mainly take place in Theo’s good old Wooden Cup studio. Hope to finish the record before the end of the summer. The art work will be something special, an entire art project in itself, something for all the senses. As for the theme, we’re going for another concept album, but fear not: a) no prog rock references and b) much shorter than the last one (only ten songs, easy to digest, like a nice pop salad, with ranch dressing and bacon bits).

Hope to have the whole thing in stores early 2013. But no doubt Ponoka fans will get a chance to hear it earlier. Stay tuned!

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