Welcome to the new Ponoka website. Practical is the new flashy, if you ask us: no pop-ups and animations, just easy to find information and regular updates. And there is quite a bit to update you about…

As you must already know, in March we released our new album ‘Outtakes from the Revival Songbook’, in combination with ‘Nineve’, the Dutch debut novel written by Ponoka-singer Rick. (Find out more about it here, listen on iTunes or Spotify, or get book + CD at your local record or book shop.)

A whole lot of reviews are in, and they’re pretty much all extremely positive. Read more about that on the Reviews page.

We’ve played a few great shows to promote the new record, including a release party in a packed Ekko, our favorite hang-out in our home town Utrecht.

After that we had some sad news: no less than half of the band decided to quit: singer Alice, keyboard player Laurens, and drummer Lucas. No fights, no drug or groupie related scandals, just tight schedules, jobs, families etc. That’s right, the rock ‘n’ roll life ain’t easy kids.

At this moment, during our summer break, we’re busy forming a new band (singer Rick, bass-player Jon and guitarist Theo are fortunately still with us), and working on a series of shows we want to play in the fall.

In the meantime, stay tuned: we will keep you posted here on all the new developments, and reviews, which are still coming in. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and for the Dutch readers, to check out Rick’s blog (check the links on the right).

1 thought on “CH-CH-CH-CHANGES

  1. You are being followed!

    Bij deze dus door maarten (drummer) had gereageerd op advertentie muzikantenbank ik dacht even checken. Als ik er nou nog bij vertel dat ik er
    no way die 44 uitzie noch overeenkomstig (mentaal) vastzit mag ik dan een auditie?

    Maarten Luitwieler


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