2017. Any news?

Hi folks,

We wish you all a great 2017! Anything you can expect from Ponoka in the new year? It doesn’t look that way, unfortunately, but hold tight. Rick is still working on his new novel, and also recording demos for a new solo album. Both should be released in 2018. That’s only a year away!

We’ll let you know as soon as there’s more news to share. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Ponoka in winter. (According to Google it’s currently minus 24 degrees over there.)




We’re on a break for now, while Rick is writing his new novel. There will be more music sometime after that’s finished, but that is all we can say for now, unfortunately…

June 6: show in Amsterdam

We’ll be playing an acoustic set in Amsterdam on June 6th. Might just be one of your last chances to catch Ponoka live in a long time…


Ponoka Proud

Ponoka LPWell, the cat’s out of the bag. When singer/songwriter Broeder Dieleman found this little record from 1979 at a rummage sale (in the Dutch province Zeeland!) and passed it our way, we knew we were busted. So we might as well let you hear where we stole the inspiration for our album Lost in Ponoka. Enjoy!

(Actually, we had no idea this existed, but cool right?)



Review in Ponoka News

Cool, a review of Lost in Ponoka (the album) in the one and only Ponoka News!

‘The familiar, relatable, nostalgia-inducing album will catch people in a time-loop, and there is no best song to this album as each is just as enjoyable as the next.’

Read the rest of the article over at rickdegier.com.


Review Het Parool

A nice review in national newspaper Het Parool: ‘The stories are fine (written in a kind of dirty realism), the photos are lovely and more than mere illustrations, and the music, let’s call it americana, is beautiful.’

You can read the article here (in Dutch):
Ponoka in Parool



Reviews of Lost in Ponoka are dropping in. You can read some (most in Dutch) over at Ricks site. Also: an interview with Rick will be published in De Volkskrant of November 6th.